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Find belly dance jewelry and accessories sites by a variety of categories.

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belly dance Bindis - 10

Akeishaf's Shop - Etsy

All original jewelry and bindi designs! Calligraphy art currently in the works.

tribal jewelry


BigAssBindis - Etsy

Each Big Ass Bindi is a unique, handmade, work of art. Mounted on a sturdy vinyl backing, the bindi can be adhered with spirit gum. With proper care, your Big Ass Bindi can be re-used to your heart's content.

tribal jewelry


Gypsybeads - Etsy

Here you will find one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry and accessories (and maybe a few extra things). All the items you see here are hand-made personally by the Gypsy!


tribal jewelry


KuhlJewels - Etsy

Made with a whole lot of love, a little bit of spice, and a touch of magic! I welcome custom orders, please convo me with your requests! Please check back often as I am always listing new bindis!

tribal jewelry  

Miischelle's Shop - Etsy

If you are looking for a particular color of bindi (or anything else) or a particular style (i.e. pirate, steampunk, mermaid, etc...) just type your keyword into the Miischelle search above and everything should pop right up!

tribal jewelry


Bibi's Fashion

Indian fashion accessories,Designer bindis, simple bindias, fancy bindi, Silver and gold bindis.



Natural Expressions

Find a variety of sticker bindis.





A lot of these bindis are one of a kind- our selection changes frequently.

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Suhag Spot

With our copper jewelry, we return to a time when body ornamentation was used not only for beauty but also for spiritual purposes. Each piece that we make has been designed to be a power item, created with love to enhance your natural vibration.

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tribal jewelry  

Visions of India

Pretty and colorful 3D packaged bindis. Self adhesive and reusable. These are quality bindis at a very affordable price.

Eyelashes - 6
fake eyelashes  

Intrinsic Imagination - Etsy

Welcome to Intrinsic Imagination! This shop is a section of my Captured Imagination. Here you will find Fancy Feather Eyelashes and more. I'm always open to custom orders and special requests.


fake eyelashes



False eyelashes with a permanent eyeliner! Our lashes are specifically designed for people without natural eyelashes or for anyone with thin eyelashes and even those of us blessed with our own natural lashes!

fake eyelashes


Nancy False Eyelash Co.

The eyelash extension kits from us have the best quality in China because we buy the materials from Korea and use Korea’s technology to make the best quality eyelash extension kits.

fake eyelashes


De Beauty

With her past profession as a beauty professional with license in cosmetologist, she understands very well that false eyelashes is the most important beauty product every woman should wear to complete her look.

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chain mail  

My Diva's Closet

Fabulous reusable false eyelashes in every color known to man. The highest quality false eyelashes for professionally applied look. Easy to use. Every lash is carefully hand made, with 100% sterilized human hair in black or hair-like fiber in colored lashes, to perfect uniformity and uncompromising quality.

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fake eyelashes


Shu Uemura

False eyelashes - momentarily transform your eyes to stimulate your creativity and dramatize your look.

Faux Piercing - 5
faux piercing


Olavi Export

Wholesale Fake Piercing - Fake Plugs - Fake Body Jewellery - Faux Piercing


fake piercing  

Body Sparkle

A variety of styles of Fake / Non-Pierce Jewelry

faux piercing



An Internet store exclusively devoted to quality non-pierced earrings. Choose from 500+ clip-on earring styles including Pearl, Hoop, Gold, Silver, Child, Crystal, Chandelier, Beaded, Designer and Nickel Free. We also offer Magnetic earrings like cz studs


Montana Body Art

No matter what you choose to call them: fake plugs, faux plugs, cheater plugs, these items let you have the look of heavy gauge plugs in your ears without having to actually stretch your ear lobes out.

tribal jewelry  

Wild Wear

The secret to our faux-pierce body jewelry line is the spring-action hoops! This feature makes it possible to wear Illusion Body Jewelry safely and comfortably not only on the ears, but also on the nose, belly button, and anywhere around the lips.

Hair - 7 To TOP
hair fascinators  

Cleopatra's Bazaar

Let The Dark Side Boutique’s fancy feather fascinators add a fun ’n frivilous look to your head. The fascinators are feather pieces worn in any way, anywhere, pointed in any direction on any style or colour of hair.

hair flowers  

The Gypsy Kiss - Etsy

I design unusual hair ornaments in a
wide scope of styles – from fairy
luminescent and light, to earthy
and primitive.


hair ornament  

The Dark Side Tribal - Etsy

We are a bellydance troupe in Bloomington, IN, specializing in American Tribal Style and tribal fusion bellydance. We are also dedicated to creating beautiful costume pieces and jewelry, and luxuriant skin care treats for dancers and non-dancers alike.

belly dance hair


Intrinsic Imagination's - Etsy

Here you will find Handcrafted Jewelry, Barefoot Sandals,
Luscious Hair Falls, Fancy Feather Eyelashes,
and Flirty Feather Hair Accessories.



Zanbaka's Designs

Tikka Hair Ornaments, Zanbaka's Design's Ultra-Bindis, and various Indian Bindis.... Tikkas are made out of ornate pendants. Simple elegance! Tikka has a 4 inch chain with a hook that attaches to the hair and is worn down the part of the hair.


belly dance tikka



We proudly cater to those renegades who seek unique, interesting, bold, and fun ways to express themselves onstage, on the dance floor, and in life. Enjoy!

bellydance hair  

Kylas Keepsakes

Choose from a variety of hair accessories including: flowers, tribaret falls, cowrie dreads, mediallion falls, bottle cap flowers, hair stix, head bands, leather roses, feather medallions, and yarns.

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