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Find belly dance costume sites by a variety of categories.

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belly dance PRACTICE WEAR - 34
bellydance wear  

lululemon athletica

We make technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweaty pursuits. luon® is our signature, original fabric that made lululemon pants famous! luon is moisture wicking and pre-shrunk. It provides great coverage and shape retention and offers four-way stretch for freedom of movement.

bellydance class wear  


A fashion forward sportswear company dedicated to creating luxuriously comfortable sportswear embodying simple glamour and natural elegance. Our designs are for the busy yet style-conscious contemporary woman who wants to move effortlessly from the yoga, pilates, or dance studio at the gym to coffee or lunch with effortless yet polished style.

bellydance body stocking  

Sugar Petals

A great source for bellydance practice wear. Find unitards, leotards, body stockings, crop tops, and skirts. As well as do-it-yourself pieces to create your own.

belly dance practice  

Dark Fusion Boutique

What makes her clothing unique is her form-fitting and sexy placement of seams, layered fabrics and textures, and her feminine twist on the fetish aesthetic inspired by the art of dance and the Goddess. Expect to find superior craftmanship inside and out.

belly dance salsa pants



Elegant, sexy, affordable and easy to move in. It's made with the latest premium Stretch Fabric and Lace for women and men.

belly dance podcast



All original designs by Nourhan Sharif, salsa skirts, tribal tops, gypsy skirts, tango dresses, and belly dancing costumes made for divas that dance.

belly dance pants


Dervish Girl - Etsy

My clothes offer a sense of comfort in the skin, and the feeling that you can do anything in them. They are sleek and simple in their lines, allowing you to shine your own light by how you wear them.

beginner belly dance costume  

Beledi Boutique | Coupon | Review

Our dancewear is hand-selected by semi-professional dancer and owner Lacy Perry for other bellydancers in the community. Having been burned by online retailers in the past, I know how frustrating it is to scoure the internet and end up with something over-priced and sub-par.

belly dance podcast


House of belly dance Co. Ltd. - Wholesale

As a professional China based manufacturer, we specialize in designing and manufacturing many different styles of belly dance costume ,belly dance hip scarf ,belly dance skirt

belly dance ebay


*Crop Top - Ebay

Find Crop Top shirts on Ebay.

belly dance podcast



We have a supply of high-quality dance tops for up to a 30% discount off retail from Balera, Capezio, Little Stars, Urban Groove & more.

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dance wear  

Stars Dancewear

Created out of need for a fashion savvy style of clothing for the Dancewear industries. It all started by a conversation between two sisters, Stars Dancewear founder, a clothing designer, and a professional choreographer for figure skating.

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Global Beat podcast  

Roundabout Dancewear

One-of-a-kind garments made of 100% silk.
Found in many cultures, Shibori is an ancient method of tyeing, binding, and folding fabric to create beautiful designs. We hand make each garment in our home, create Shibori patterns, and dye the fabric.

tribal pants  

Kim Sakkara Clothing

I love to use vintage and recycled fabrics whenever possible. I favor small batches and one of a kind pieces rather than mass amounts of the same thing. It is my hope that my designs will inspire dancers to enhance their individuality, rather than following the status quo.

belly dance top



A wide variety of useful costume pieces and clothing items - to wear to a drum circle, or to class, or just wear! My super-cool flare pants, and all the accessories to match, as well as some tops and basic belts can be found here.

belly dance rehearsal


Blume Bauer

Being a belly dancer herself, she realized that there were very few options for workout clothing for the modern belly dancer. Blume, like most dancers, wanted to look great and wear fun clothes that show the world that she's a belly dancer, and darn proud of it! Ya can't wear your costume all the time.

belly dance leggins  

We Love Colors

Caroline Geys Abstract Architectural Artist and Contemporary Painter, new design collaboration with We Love Colors custom-designing and creating modern tights & leggings for exclusive offered here.

retro tshirt



Our light hearted style combined with our product sensibilities are reflected in some of these Retro-a-go-go! Styles: Pin-up/burlesque, hotrod, tiki, Rockabilly, Vintage, Lowbrow, Monster, Sci-Fi, Super Sweet and Tattoo-Inspired.

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World Music Radio  

Latin Dancewear

In an effort to provide their customers with the very best, they import from the finest dancewear and dance shoe manufacturers from almost every corner of the globe

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Belly dance attire


Circular Accessories - Etsy

I have a bold and elemental style of hand silk screened apparel inspired by nature and my scientific background.
My philosophy is that we are all connected to each other and our surroundings, so I treat everyone and everything with respect. What goes around, comes around.

gypsy costume


Arwen's Apparel

Designer clothing and accessories inspired by
ancient cultures and made for the modern gypsy.


Moondance belly dance  

Moondance | Review

Gifts for the bellydancing spirit.

belly dance rehearsal


Designs By Amber - Etsy

Welcome to my shop. Hope you love my stuff as much as I like makin' it!

belly dance wrap  

Econica - Etsy

Fashion with conscience ~ organic custom made clothes
Natural, organic and eco-friendly clothes handmade with love just for you. Elegant, classic lines and beautiful, vibrant colors.

belly dance rehearsal  

Ellembee - Etsy

Hand printed clothes that'll make you jump up & down!

belly dance tshirt  

*T-shirts - Ebay

Find cool t-shirts on Ebay.

belly dance costume  

Enuwbe - Etsy

Organic, Sustainable, Eco Friendly Clothing

yoga pants  

Leom Designs

Yoga Clothing, Silk Batik Art and Custom Clothing Design

gothic belly dance


Muse of the Harlequin - Ebay

Bring creativity to your dance with unique designs, professional one of a kind costumes and accessories, and much more! Original costumes, pants, tops, all for the cabaret, gothic, and tribal fusion belly dancer!

belly dance practice


Studio Shihar - Etsy

The clean architectural lines and geometrical shapes of the garments are inspired by the designer's early training as a sculptor.


rehearsal pants


Treehouse28 - Etsy

Everything I make is custom. There will be slight variances in every piece, as I do not use commercial patterns and sizing charts. Some fabrics will have more or less of a ruffled edging than pictured. Fabric weight varies depending on what the mills have to offer.
Celebrate the uniqueness of custom hand made clothing!

Belly dance costumes  


My clothing fits luscious curves and enhances lovely bosoms and backsides of all sizes. No more worry about overstretching, about slipping or binding or pinching.

fusion belly dance  

Firefly Style

Our customer prizes clothing which allows their individuality to be expressed. The adaptive styles offers the wearer a number of variations within one design. The Fly Pants have a hook and eye system which attaches to the knee or the hip for added creative possibilities.

belly dance rehearsal


Ashner by Elizabeth

The very popular Option Top is an original design from Ashner by Elizabeth. It has a full back and 2 parts to wrap in the front. There are many many ways to wear the Option Top.

belly dance bag


BagLadyMomma - Etsy

Proudly offering quality bags at affordable prices! Custom orders are welcome, please use the "request custom item" link on the right.

bellydance camp


*Bags - Ebay

Bags to carry your belly dance gear in on Ebay

belly dance bag


Creating Things - Etsy

Designs and manufactures everything from start to finish here in my home based studio. I use my own patterns and use a variety of desinger fabrics.

belly dance bag  


This large Ghetto Blaster suitcase style travel Bag is made of vegan friendly vinyl and has a realistic boom-box print covering the front. It features a removable adjustable shoulder strap, and a large interior space for all of your overnight clothes with a cell phone pocket and removable divider.

belly dance bag


Kirsten James Handbags - Etsy

We pride ourselves in our quality and craftmanship. Our products are made with the finest cotton quilting fabric. We use eco-friendly and organic products when available.

custom bag  


Creating your very own specialty bag is fun! That's why we believe in friendly service, smart tools, and helpful tips. Enjoy the process. You will be amazed at the results.

belly dance bags

Green Jeans- Etsy

All bags - messenger, tote, grocery, market, purse - are 100% recycled from old clothes, fabric scraps, and vintage notions. Nothing goes to the trash around my household! Lifetime guarantee on all items. Plastic bags are bad for the earth and never fashionable.


middle eastern music


Sofs shop - Etsy

I'm working on making my products and my shop a special place so please come back soon to view some new items. In the meantime you can always convo me if you have any suggestions or questions.

belly dance water bottle



With over 100 bottles and so many interchangeable caps to choose from, you can select from more than 1,000 possibilities. After all, it's not what you drink, it's what you drink it in.



*Original Wraps Inc. 

Personalized bottles created by you. Choose the style and size of your bottle and customize a skin to make it your own. Or start from scratch with a brand new 1 liter bottle and a custom designed wrap.

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belly dance water bottle  

*Water Bottles - Ebay

Find water bottles on Ebay - listed by color.

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*Vapour, Inc. 

Atmospheric Water Generators can produce up to 3 to 5 gallons every day of the purest drinking water you have ever tasted. To achieve this, the Water Genie produces water from the air. Vapour Inc. has teamed up with the non-profit organization Hope for Haiti.

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*Nubius Organics 

Bring Your Own Reusable Bottles...everywhere you go! There are so many reasons to bring your own stainless steel water bottle: it’s good for your health, great for the earth, and easy on your wallet.


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belly dance water bottle  


Discontinued sales of water bottles made of polycarbonate plastic due to concerns over the chemical bisphenol A (BPA). Many BPA-free options are available.

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belly dance mp3  


We love testing new water bottles, and seeing the new types of water bottles on the market. Such as stainless steel water bottles, biodegradble corn water bottles and glass water bottles.


yoga mat  

Barefoot Yoga

Products to inspire your practice.

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bean products earth friendly products for the home, health and earth   

*Bean Products, Inc. 

We work hard to ensure all of our yoga mats contain no phthalates, heavy metals, or toxins that may be harmful to your health.

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yoga mat  

*Kulae Eco Mats

We have built the finest eco yoga mats on the market with the tpECOmat™ family of mats. All lines of our tpECOmats are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and contain NO PVC, NO latex, NO cadmium, NO lead and NO rubber (that means NO allergies).

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yoga mat  


A practice mat for every dancer's preference, including sticky, extra-thick, phthalate-free, eco-friendly, printed yoga mats and many other options.

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*Natural Fitness 

Full line of environmentally friendly yoga and fitness products. Thru our Zero Impact Program, we aim to offset the environmental impact of the environmental impact of the production and transportation of our products.

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yoga mat  

Hugger Mugger

The Tapas Sticky Mat, which has become the yoga practice essential. Predecessor mats were not designed specifically for yoga and would deteriorate quickly with us. The Tapas Sticky Mat was the first long-term performance yoga mat and continues to set the standards for the industry.

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World Music  

*Practice Mat - Ebay

Find practice mats on Ebay.


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Six Degrees Records  


Committed to making the world's best performing, most environmentally-friendly yoga mats, providing the highest level of customer service and giving back to the earth with every product.


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yoga mat  


Manduka mats and yoga accessories are still unmatched in the marketplace. They are still crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail.

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custom yoga mat  


Make a yoga mat from your own image!

Moroccan shoes  

Moroccan Caravan

The Moroccan Caravan always carries authentic high-quality arts and crafts. Check out the shoes.


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Leotoes - A leotard for your toes.

Leotoes protect your feet while rehearsing and delight the eyes while performing. Our soles are made of neoprene so, your feet will be both cushioned and free of sweat. The main body is created from 4-way stretch spandex, utilizing new, vintage and recycled varieties. Plus, each pair comes with two sets of stretchy laces to arrange in a variety of patterns to reflect your mood.

lyrical shoes  

Endless Shoes

With our free overnight shipping, free return shipping, price guarantee, and 365-day returns window, we offer our customers a no-risk opportunity to try us out.

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Tarkan translate  


Styled after boots of the Middle East from about 1100 to 1800, the Persian boot is a most unique boot. Also called a "pointy toed or curly toed" boot or Mongol boot, the Persian boot and shoe is characterized by an upturned toe and elegant flowing lines.


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belly dance feet  

*Belly dance Shoes - Ebay

Find various styles of dance shoes, use by belly dance during and after dancing.

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Meddevil Moccasins

Specializing in Celtic & Renaissance Shoes, Boots and Sandals. Celebrating 25 years of Unsurpassed Quality and Customer Dedication

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belly dance costumes  

Barefoot Bling

Exotic and eye-catching, go barefoot with flair! Barefoot sandals are the perfect finishing touch for poolside, garden and beach weddings, or your next vacation or party.

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steampunk shoes  


If you love cute retro pumps, mod flats, punk sneakers, or urban wedges, then Plasticland Boutique is your destination for trend setting styles that set you apart from the crowd.

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belly dance shoes  

Tribe Badir Shoes

We are proud to carry the most beautiful handmade shoes on the Planet

leggins bellydance  


Welcome to my exploration of luxuriously wearable dresses, shirts, skirts, and accessories. A consistently fluctuating endeavor inspired by the world around me.

leg warmers  

Alternative Emporium - Etsy

We design and make top quality Alternative Clothing and Accessories for alluring ladies and appealing gents.
Most of our designs are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, if you don't see what you are looking for in our shop, email us and we will make it for you!

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leg warmers  

Deliriumkredens - Etsy

Large assortment of leg warmers.

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leg warmers  

Mademoiselle Mermaid - Etsy

Gear up for a wonderful & brightly-hued spring...with a fantastic selection of handmade crocheted leg warmers, custom made clothing, resortwear, & accessories!
Thanks for stopping by Mademoiselle Mermaid...Where Fashion Meets Paradise!!

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leg warmers  

*Leg Warmers - Ebay

Find various styles of leg warmers on Ebay.

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These adorable black pointelle lace thigh high legwarmers are a great way to add a some style edge to a mini skirt and tee. They are made of a lightweight sweater knit fabric with hearts woven in to the lace pattern

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leg warmers  

MerowW - Etsy

I like to do a bit of everything, so do not hesitate to look by sections, or simply use the search engine for a quicker result :) I hope you'll enjoy it, and if you have any comments, good or bad, I'll be glad to hear them all !!
Don't forget I do special orders!

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arm warmers  

Lena Lamoray

I've been making arm bands/arm warmers for bands for years and now I am making them available to everyone. Keep checking back for new inventory and feel free to send me an email if you are looking for something that is not in inventory.


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arm warmers  

Treehouse28 - Etsy

Everything I make is custom. There will be slight variances in every piece, as I do not use commercial patterns and sizing charts. Some fabrics will have more or less of a ruffled edging than pictured. Fabric weight varies depending on what the mills have to offer.
Celebrate the uniqueness of custom hand made clothing!

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gothic arm warmers  

Good Goth

Arm Warmers with a gothic twist.

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arm warmers  

Hot Topic

Cool, music-inspired accessories for both guys and girls.

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arm warmers  

My Diva's Closet

Offers the best selections of clubwear, platform shoes, exclusive design girls T-shirts, jewelry, make up, cowgirl hats, designer swimwear, fake eyelashes and accessories.

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arm warmers  

Sock Dreams

We at Sock Dreams are a unique & quirky bunch of individuals who value diversity as much as we value comfy socks and great customer service. Our customers come in all sizes, shapes, genders, ect... and so do we.

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arm warmers  

Arm Warmers - Ebay

Various styles of arm warmers on Ebay.

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arm warmers  

Dark Destiny Desiny - Etsy

Intimate clothing and accessories fashioned for your dark destiny...

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arm warmers  

Estylissimo - Etsy

Offers a wide selection of arm warmers, leg warmers, chokers, headbands, and cuffs.

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arm warmers  

Dark Fusion Boutique - Etsy

Since 2001, she has been researching and developing costumes that are striking, accentuate dance movements, and durable enough for repeated use on and off stage.

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arm warmers  

Trixy Xchange - Etsy

Large assortment of arm warmers.

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arm cuff  

Saved By the Belly

Each item was carefully handcrafted with a high standard for quality and an eye for design using high quality materials such as lace, velvet, feathers, buttons and baubles! Along with creating custom and one of a kind items, I specialize in group orders.

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arm warmers  

Little Handmade Gallery

Large assortment of arm warmers.

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