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bellydance costumes and tips  

BellyArtist Cafe

A bellydance links directory.

bellydance quickie  

Bellydance Quickies

Get a little bellydance in your email box everyday! Monday Musicality, Tuesday Technique,
The Wednesday Watcher, Thursday's Thrill with Zills,
Friday's Bellydance Grab-Bag, Saturday Stretch,
Sunday Dance Inspiration

bellydance dictionary  

Bellydance Dictionary

The Bellydance Dictionary is designed as a resource for beginning and veteran bellydancers alike, and it is my hope it will become the definitive web resource for dancers around the world


belly dance name  

Dancers' Name Registry

Claim Your Name! Register your dance name today. It's FREE, easy and takes only a minute.


fat chance bellydance


TribalStar Galactica

Your world-wide source for all things Tribal. Search thru thousands of listings for dancers, instruction, vendors, and merchandise, events, shows, festivals, and more


belly dance history


Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing

It is hard to say when "belly dancing" started and where. I have created this page to help reveal it's mysteries. I have gathered books, web sites, articles, anything I could find on this subject.

belly dance how to



The choices on this menu lead you to hundreds of articles with bellydance information to inspire you, entertain you, and assist you in learning all about Oriental dance, which many people refer to as "belly dancing".


gilded serpent  

Gilded Serpent

Gilded Serpent is an online resource in magazine format for Middle Eastern music, dance, and bellydance.

plus size costumes


Bellydance Plus

For the specialized questions of plus-sized bellydance students.

belly dance bhuz



Bellydance central.

choreography software


Choreo Pro - Dance Designer

The idea of creating something that would save choreographers time and help with all steps of the creative process, is what motivated us to create Dance Designer.

tribal bellydance  

Tribal Bellydance.org

Right now you can find the beginnings of an educational resource I am compiling for tribal bellydancers who wish to learn more about the many histories behind our art form, and the future we are creating together.

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Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing

It is hard to say when "belly dancing" started and where. I have created this page to help reveal it's mysteries. I have gathered books, web sites, articles, anything I could find on this subject.

gypsy lore


Gypsy Lore Society

The Gypsy Lore Society, an international association of persons interested in Gypsy and Traveler Studies, information aimed at increasing understanding of these cultures in their diverse forms; and establishment of closer contacts among scholars studying any aspects of these cultures.

morocco belly dance


Morocco's Meandering

Find extensive reading lists into historical bellydance culture and articles written by Morocco.

belly dance museum  

Belly Dance Museum

Belly dance has evolved in many different countries through different ways and little is preserved to give an idea how it was centuries ago. This collection has pieces as old as 1714, probably the earliest account on printed paper.

oriental costumes and design


Oriental Costumes

See pictures and descriptions or historical oriental costumes, their designs, and colors.

Rachel Brice classes online


Datura Online

A resource for online belly dance classes and fitness videos available anytime and anywhere there's internet, no matter what your experience or budget may be. We're glad you stopped by.



As a member of Ansuya.com you’ll have access to a rich archive of instructional videos covering every aspect of Bellydance

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Online classes are a great way to begin or continue your dance studies. Suhaila and her qualified instructors join you in your own studio, living room or even office for a dance class!

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jennifer sobel   

Hip Dancer

Online classes with Jennifer Sobel.

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Jill Parker

Jill Parker

Online classes with Jill Parker. Email her for info.


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leyla najma  

Leyla Najma

Online classes with Jill Parker.

bellydance costume sewing  

Davina's Costumer's Notes

This site is dedicated to the art, science and technique of designing and making Middle Eastern belly dance costumes. My name is Dawn Devine ~ Davina and I am the author of Embellished Bras, Costuming from the Hip, From Turban to Toe Ring and Bedlah, Baubles and Beads.

tribal bellydance patterns  

Tribal Syle Bellydance Patterns

Here you'll find helpful Tribal Style costuming ideas, sources, links and other bits and pieces of information that I have found... with an Australian focus!


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bellydance sewing  

Nadya's Sewing Instructions

In these pages you will find a lot of useful information that will help you create and make your own costumes for Oriental Belly Dance.

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male bellydance  

Zorba - The Veiled Male

Here are links to other male dancers, articles I've found on male dancers, and a few of the more important general Belly Dance links. And then there are a few links I've thrown in that have nothing to do with Belly Dance at all!


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husband of belly dancer  

Husband of a Bellydancer

This site is designed to provide a safe haven of sorts to help fellow husbands/ boyfriends of belly dancers with the issues that come up with this strenuous role.

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male bellydance  

Rakkas - The Male side of Belly Dance

The goal of the Rakkas group is promote Oriental Dance, Bellydance, Middle Eastern Folk Dance, and Belly Fusion among men, young men, and boys alike. It was also set to share, meet, and discus these artforms.

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