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Gwyn Lister  

Nashville, TN

“I will be taking the summer off from teaching classes at the Centennial Sportsplex and the School of Nashville Ballet after May 16. I am available for private and semi-private lessons for a fee that anyone can afford and I am flexible on days/times. Happy Dancing!!!”

Classes .
Private and Semi-private lessons
Nashville, Tn 37465

Facebook: Gypsyville BellyDance



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Learn To Bellydance

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Search Teachers by Country and State. These teachers are dedicated to presenting ATS as created and developed by FatChanceBellyDance director and master teacher Carolena Nericcio. Sister Studios do not blend ATS with other styles of dance, tribal or otherwise.


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Global Beat podcast  

Bellydance Boulevard

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Bellydance Guide

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Bellydance America

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Bellydance Diva Magazine

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Tribal Bellies

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Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing

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Springs Oasis Bellydance

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Belly Dance Hawaii

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Shimmy Goddess

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LA Raqs.com

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Teach Street

A directory of local & online classes, events and workshops in Seattle, WA.


Eygptian Castle


Seattle Learning Guide

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Pink Gypsy Bellydance

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Utah Belly Dance

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Cleopatra Records


Belly Dance Florida

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Nashville Belly Dance Raqs

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Atlanta Oasis

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Beledi Club of Huntsville

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NC Bellydance.org

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Bellydance Baltimore

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Middle Pillar  

Delaware Bellydance

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Zahira Zuhra

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Raqs Sharqi Members

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Belly Dance New England

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Bellydance Evolution

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Belly Dance Oz

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Safti Craft

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Belly Dance Instructors in South Africa

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By EmilyMartinez - ehow

Ever wonder why you drift from dance class to dance class? Perhaps you are having trouble sticking to your classes or you want to be taken seriously as a belly dancer.


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by Shahina - Shahina Bellydance Artistry

With the increased popularity of belly dance everyone wants to cash in. The health clubs all want to offer belly dance classes, as well as the park districts, ballet studios and others.

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by Aviva - Dancers of the Desert

Try-out Classes. Firstly there should NEVER be more than 20-25 student – this is a real maximum pushing your luck number! How on earth can you get quality tuition from a lady whose attention is so divided? I personally set the limit at 15.


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by Valeria Lo Iacono - Idea Marketers

Sometimes it may not be easy to find a belly dance teacher within easy reach from where you live and whose teaching style is suited to your needs. There are many ways to look for a belly dance teacher.


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by Zara Black - Zara's Emporium

Choosing a belly dancer instructor is risky business compared to other dance forms such as jazz or ballet. Unlike these other dance forms, there is no certification for belly dance instructors...

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by Sedonia Sipes - Nile Breeze Dance

I would like to remind all of you that, as students of this dance, you control your dance education and no teacher or studio “owns” you. You are a free agent. Be very wary of teachers who pressure you to study exclusively with them or withhold information about qualified local or regional instructors and events.

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by Spider Lady - Associated Content

In the event that you don't find a teacher in your community from a web search, there are other avenues to search. You can call your local Parks Department, Greek or Middle-Eastern Restaurant...