Kazja in Naked Beauty Costume

Kazja in Naked Beauty Costume

Kazja in Naked Beauty Costume Tachea in La Red Zavivah in Aphrodite

Cocoabelly Dance Services LLC, established in 2009, captures the essence of every dancer through unique, elegant, and stunning costume design.
Every dancer wants to stand out and feel beautiful when performing. When you commission a Cocoabelly costume, it?s one of a kind! No other dancer will grace the stage in the same Cocoabelly design. Cocoabelly's designer, Zuri, combines her love of crafting with her passion for creativity to bring phenomenal looks to dancers of all shapes and sizes.
Cocoabelly?s Services include:
? One-of-a-kind Costume Design
? Costume Workshops--In person and Online
? Make Up Services and Tutorials for dancers
? Belly Dance Entertainment for your special event- group or solo performances with live or recorded music for all happy occasions!
For more information please visit us on the web at www.cocoabelly.com

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