abby david
belly dance basics and
Global Caravan (T) Grooves
at the enrichment academy


Mission: To create a group of community minded Belly dance enthusiasts.

If you enjoy learning, crafting, dancing, music, books, travel, and building friendships... (Belly Dance has it all)... then I want to meet you!

Originally from Nashville, TN, I have been a student of Belly Dance since 2004, performing with bands, at conventions, in festivals and music videos. I have studied a variety of styles and consider myself a Modern Folkloric dancer. Through weaving my love of Troupe Improv, Egyptian, Folkloric, Romani, Persian, Flamenco, and Latin dances, I strive to inspire my students to explore the creativity within themselves and to build the confidence to share it.

There are so many styles and teachers of Belly dance to experience. I can teach you the basics but the rest is up to you. I believe that through Belly dance dancers can learn to accept and love themselves no matter their size, shape, or age. Come learn to love yourself with me.

New dancers, experienced dancers, non dancers, bad dancers, shy dancers, geeky dancers... All are welcome!

  • Certified Level 1 Teacher of Global Caravan (T) Belly Dance
  • Certified Global Caravan (T) Grooves Instructor
  • Dance Cohesion Enrichment Stage 1

Classes offered at The Enrichment Academy

5:00 pm, Bellydance Basics - Get started moving with the basic shapes and isolations in this style. Learn to identify various Arabic drum rhythms and practice various sounds with your finger cymbals. Then wrap it all up with a simple combo to jump start your muscle memory and get your creativity flowing.

6:15 pm, (T) Grooves - A fun based, get your body moving, low impact dance class. This is an invigorating dance format using Global Caravan (T) Belly Dance to explore various styles of dance including: Flamenco, Latin Dances, North African, and Moroccan. Enjoy interacting with your fellow dancers and listening to  contemporary/world music while your body does the groovin'!

What to Bring to Class:

Belly Dance Basics -

  • hip scarf,
  • finger cymbals (there will be some available), 
  • water
  • comfortable/fun clothing that allows you a wide range of movement and makes you wanna wiggle.

(T) Grooves - 

  • hip scarf (jingles, fringe, or tassels),
  • water
  • themed clothing (see the schedule posted below)

(T) Grooves Theme Schedule - 

  • Class 1 - Your Favorite Color
  • Class 2 - Animal Print
  • Class 3 - Flower Power
  • Class 4 - The Roarin’ 20’s
  • Class 5 - Starry Night
  • Class 6 - Spanish Roses

Contact and Updates: