LeoToes Online Class.

Dance footies are a friend to every dancer. They help you spin easier, protect your feet from debris, and add a little cushion to tired feet. The problem is that they wear out so quickly and it is not always cost effective to have a pair to match every costume or mood.

With this class, you will learn to size, cut-out, and sew your own dance footies. 

Just think of the Benefits:

- Never have to buy another pair of footies again

- Full control of fabric color combinations and textures

- Be the ultimate Dance Mom that can whip up a matching pair at a moments notice

- Make gifts for your troupe or dancer friends (they also make great pool socks for walking on hot cement or sand) (they also make great gifts for your bridesmaids)

Click on the HERE to sign up for this class and get started on a fresh new pair of dance footies today!