Najmah Nour
Egyptian Belly dance and flamenco fusion in Gainesville, FL






Najmah Nour is a Middle Eastern dancer/performer/teacher. She currently resides in Gainesville Florida where she teaches weekly classes. You can catch Najmah and her students around town at different festivals and evening showcases. Classes she is currently  teaching include: Egyptian/American style Bellydance and Flamenco Arabe    

Najmah's Flamenco Arabe style seamlessly combines traditional and modern. She fuses elements of Contemporary, Middle Eastern, Flamenco, and Ladino dances to help her embody a unique style that is a historical and abstract presentation of integration whirling to life. Najmah is Cuban/Spanish American so she naturally gravitated to combine these two styles of dance.  

Najmah's Bellydance style has strong elements of Egyptian, and American style Bellydance, which is a mixture of different styles including Lebanese. Her biggest influence is her mentor Tamalyn Dallal(Miami/ New Orleans), and first teacher Afet(Tampa).    

Najmah started Bellydancing 29 years ago and Flamenco started 26 years ago at a young age and before that she studied Ballet and Modern dance, and before that dancing in the living room with her grandmother.   

Najmah's Bellydance career led her to many facinating experiences including performing on the national televised Today Show, CNN, Food Network, Snake Charmer:Busch Gardens, music videos, and reality shows.   

Her long career in Arab dance has led her to activism and awareness for the Middle East and for women in the Middle East. 

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