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Belly Dance Fusion in Ocala, Fl

Learn the art of sword, fan, and skirt dancing thru the lens of Belly dance fusion. 

Mission: To create a group of community minded Belly dance enthusiasts.

If you enjoy learning, crafting, dancing, music, books, travel, and building friendships... (Belly Dance has it all)... then I want to meet you!

Originally from Nashville, TN, I have been a student Belly Dance for 10 years, performing with bands, at conventions, in festivals and music videos. I have studied a variety of styles and consider myself a fusion artist. Through weaving my love of Tribal Fusion, Folkloric, Romani Gypsy, and Latin dances, I strive to inspire students to explore the creativity within themselves and to build the confidence to share it.

In addition, I own an Etsy shop selling LeoToes dance footies. I travel the country selling my footies at Belly dance festivals and I travel regularly to Orlando and Gainesville to study with the best teachers central Florida has to offer, but alas it is not enough. I want to have a local group to share it all with. I'm not looking to create copycat minions of myself but strong creative independent women with their own style. There are so many styles and teachers of Belly dance to experience. I can teach you the basics but the rest is up to you. I believe that through Belly dance women can learn to accept and love themselves no matter their size, shape, or age. Come learn to love yourself with me.

New dancers, experienced dancers, non dancers, bad dancers, shy dancers, geeky dancers... All are welcome!

Take A Class

Note: Classes are subject to change. Please contact me if you plan on attending a class.

Please read the Class Guidelines here, before attending class.


Soul Essentials - 805 E. Fort King St. Ocala, FL (Pink Victorian House)

7:00 pm to 8:oo pm - Drill Class

For each class we will break down essential moves and then drill in a short combo to help sync with your muscle memory so you can begin to develop your shimmy and shake.


Tuscawilla Park - Ocala, FL

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Meet and Greet Jam Session

Come meet the BellyArtist studio. Each Friday we will focus on a handful of moves to break down and then drill the heck out of them to our favorite jams. Bring your water and a towel because we are going to sweat our cares away! Rain or Shine. Jam Session canceled if lightning. See the FB group page for updates.

Online Classes

  • Are you the type who likes to prep before any decision, big or small?
  • Is a weekly class not enough?
  • Did you get so caught up in the music and swinging your hips to actually remember what was taught in class?
  • Are you home bound caring for a loved one or just don't have the transportation at the moment?

If you are a current or soon to be BellyArtist student, this resource was created for you! A series of eight classes covering all the Basics you need to jump in and continue learning with us. Class 1, has just been posted and 2 thru 8 will quickly follow. Visit apiarydance.com  to sign up..

For Students Only

Join the Student FB group BellyArtist Dance Studio for up-to-date class schedule, times, and cancelations. (Note: Only students will be approved. Our FB group is for students of BellyArtist Studio in Marion County and surrounding areas to post videos and ask questions in a safe and uplifing environment.

You can like the Studio page below to keep up with upcoming events.

Contact and Updates

Email: abbysdavid@gmail.com

Facebook: Abby Sew

Public Studio Facebook: BellyArtist Dance 

More Bellydance

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Millie Blonder, Oriental and Folkloric - Facebook

Teachers in Gainesville.

Najmah Nour, Egyptian and Flamenco Fusion - Website

Oralia Kolaczkowski, Egyptian - Website

Ethnic Dance Expressions Studio - Website

Karina Dance, Tribal Fusion - Website

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Cosmic Charlie's, Lexington, KY
Tennessee Renaissance Festival
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