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BellyArtist Studio in Ocala, Fl

Learn the art of sword, fan, and skirt dancing thru the lens of community-based dance. 

If you enjoy learning, crafting, dancing, music, books, travel, and building friendships... then I want to meet you!

Originally from Middle Tennessee, I have studied BellyDance since 2004, performing with bands, at conventions, in festivals and music videos. I have studied a variety of styles and consider myself a Folk Fusion dancer. Through weaving my love of Troupe Improv, Egyptian, Folkloric, Romani, Persian, Flamenco, and Latin dances, I hope to connect dancers together through the language of movement.

I have completed the following programs to continue my dance education:

  • Certified Level 1 Teacher of Global Caravan (T) BellyDance
  • Certified Global Caravan (T) Grooves Instructor
  • Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Teacher

In addition, I also run and ETSY shop selling LeoToes, a cushioned dance footie that allows you to spin and turn with ease.

It is my intention to encourage students to discover their unique talents and creativity while building the confidence to share it through dance. There are so many styles and teachers of BellyDance to experience. I can teach you the basics but the rest is up to you. I believe that through BellyDance, people can learn to accept and love themselves no matter their size, shape, or age. Come learn to love yourself with me.

New dancers, experienced dancers, non dancers, bad dancers, shy dancers, geeky dancers... All are welcome!

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Prerecorded classes available online. Sign up at ApiaryDance.com (Also find Dance Journal printables, sewing tutorials, and future choreography sign ups)

2nd Sundays - At Blissful Life Studio - 2100 SE 17th St, Unit 110, Ocala, FL 34471

Monthly, Drumming and Cookies (Starting January 2021)

1 pm to 3:15 pm - (1st hour) Drumming: Arabic Rhythms, Dance Cohesion Style, (2nd hour) Dance: GC Vocab or Dance Cohesion Drills. Minimum donation to Bliss of $5. Grab your drum and bring some cookies to share. We will be focusing on drumming with 14" frame drums but if you have a circular tamborine or doumbek with a strap, that will work too. You can find an inexpensive REMO frame drum on Amazon for around $27. Limited drums to borrow. Email ahead to reserve yours.

Wednesdays - The Villages

The Enrichment Academy - Register Online, Session Jan 6th - Feb 10th 2021

View the Enrichment Academy catalog here 

Instructions for registering here 

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - Bellydance Basics

6:15 pm to 7:15 pm - Global Caravan (T) Grooves

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Email: bellyartistcafe@gmail.com

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Instagram: @BellyArtistDance

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