class descriptions


A fun based, get your body moving, low impact dance class. Explore  various styles of belly dance as well as Flamenco, Latin Dances, North African, Moroccan, and Indian. Follow along to simple flow combos with world and contemporary music. Learn how to transition the moves you have already learned or just groove out to get your blood flowing and spirit soaring.

This is a drop-in style class with a costumed dance party every nine weeks. 

Tribal Basics

Learn all the Belly Dance Basics you need to jump into the Tribal Belly Dance style, to hone your technique, and prep you for Tribal group dancing. In each class we will break down essential moves and then drill them in a short combo to help sync with your muscle memory so you can begin to develop your shimmy and shake. Only offered online or per request.

Choreography Class

A four week class teaching a choreographed dance piece. Three Rehearsals included with price of class series.

Gypsy Caravan Style Tribal Belly Dance Level 1

Coming Late 2019

Gypsy Caravan Style Tribal Belly Dance Level 2

Coming Late 2019