class descriptions

Global Caravan (T) Grooves® -

A fun based, get your body moving, low impact dance class. This is an exciting and invigorating dance format using Global Caravan (T) Bellydance®. to explore  various styles of dance including: Flamenco, Latin Dances, North African, and Moroccan. Follow along to simple flow combos with world and contemporary music. Learn how to transition the moves you have already learned or just groove out to get your blood flowing and spirit soaring.

This is a drop-in style class. 

BellyDance Basics - Dance Cohesion® format

Movement, music, and history. Classic raq sharqi and fusion styles. Through deliberate practice of technique drills, you will learn the basics of simple and elegant isolation, vibration, and undulation-based movement. With level-up options, the exercises are infinitely scalable toward greater richness and complexity.  As you progress through the stages, you will learn phrases and combinations which can be arranged into choreography or structured improvisation.

Drumming - Dance Cohesion® format

By playing Middle Eastern rhythms on the frame drum and learning to identify the qualities of various instruments and standard songs, you will intimately acquaint yourself with the music that has typically accompanied raqs sharqi. To know this music and to be able to play some of it yourself is incredibly empowering and aligns you with the skills of dancers who originally developed this art.

Global Caravan (T) Belly Dance® Level 1

Begin your Troupe Improv BellyDance journey with the basic foundation of movements in our vocabulary, We will introduce you to zils (no dancing with them in this level) and discuss the concepts of dancing in formations with your dance family.

Open to all. No prerequisites required. BellyDance Basics class recommended for over achievers. 

Global Caravan (T) Belly Dance® Level 2

Continue with the next level of your Global Caravan training. Learn more zil patterns, try out formations, and expand your movement vocabulary. Open to those who have completed Level 1.

Choreography Class

A four week class teaching a choreographed dance piece. Three Rehearsals included with price of class series.