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FatChanceBellyDance - Search Teachers by Country and State. These teachers are dedicated to presenting ATS as created and developed by FatChanceBellyDance director and master teacher Carolena Nericcio. Sister Studios do not blend ATS with other styles of dance, tribal or otherwise. - Search Teachers by Country and State. - Search Teachers by Country and State.

Zaghareet - Search Teachers by Country and State.

Bellydance America - Search Teachers in order by Country.

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Yasmina's Joy of Bellydancing Find a Teacher in Arizona

Springs Oasis Bellydance - Find a Teacher in Colorado Springs, CO. Scroll to bottom of page.

Shoshanna - Find a Teacher in Northern California.

Belly Dance Hawaii - Find a Teacher in Hawaii.

Shimmy Goddess - Find Teachers in Western USA.

LA - Find Teachers in Los Angeles, CA.

Pink Gypsy Bellydance - Find Teachers in Southern California.

Utah Belly Dance - Find Teachers in Utah.

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Belly Dance Florida - Find Teachers in Florida.

The Shimmy Spark Belly Dance Project - Find Teachers in Gainesville, FL.

Atlanta Oasis - Find Teachers in Atlanta, GA.

Mobile Bellydance - Find Teachers in Mobile, AL.

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Bellydance Baltimore - Find Teachers in Baltimore, MD.

Delaware Bellydance - Find Teachers in Delaware.

New Jersey Belly Dancing - Find Teachers in New Jersey.

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World Dance New YorkA Variety of DVDs to learn bellydance.

The International Academy of Middle Eastern DanceA Variety of DVDs to learn bellydance.

Ansuya Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Ansuya.

Datura Online - Online bellydance classes with pro teachers in a variety of styles.

Sadie Marquardt Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Sadie Marquardt.

Suhaila Salimpour Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Suhaila Salimpour.

Leyla Najma Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Leyla Najma.

Delilah of Seattle Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Delilah.

Hannah Sultan Online Classes - Online bellydance lessons with Hannah Sultan.

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Belly Dance Bazaar - Find Teachers in Australia.

Safti Craft - Find Teachers in Egypt.

Belly Dance Instructors in South Africa - Find Teachers in South Africa.

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by Aviva - Dancers of the Desert - Try-out Classes. Firstly there should NEVER be more than 20-25 student – this is a real maximum pushing your luck number! How on earth can you get quality tuition from a lady whose attention is so divided? I personally set the limit at 15.

by Jennifer Sobel - Hip Belly Dancer - The best way to choose a belly dance teacher is to try out as many as you can.

by Claire Barnfather - JWAAD Teacher's Association - Different people have different needs and wants for a Bellydance Teacher

by Corrina - Corrina's Bellydance Academey A good teacher will know her (or his!) stuff, having been trained in bellydance for a long time.