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What are LeoToes
A leotard for your toes. Leotoes add cushion and flare to barefoot performers feet. Leotoes protect your feet while rehearsing and delight the eyes while performing.

Materials: Our soles are made of neoprene so, the pads of your feet will be both cushioned and free of sweat. The main body is created from 4-way stretch spandex, utilizing new, vintage or recycled varieties.

Plus, each pair can be worn with a pair of stretchy laces to arrange in a variety of patterns to reflect your style. Click here to find a variety of ways to arrange your laces.

Why Choose LeoToes
1. Leotoes are made local and will never exploit labor in the US or other countries.
2. Vegan - We do not use animal products in our soles.
3. We cater to you. We will make custom orders to match any costume or theme. No extra charge. And we offer bulk order discounts. Click here.
4. Leotoes are sewn by a small team of dancers and stay at home mothers. We strive to create opportunities thru LeoToes, to allow them to support their needs and art with the flexibility to relax and spoil their families too.

Types LeoToes
We have many options for you to choose from for padding your bare feet.
Original Leotoes - Neoprene soles means your feet will be cushioned and free of sweat. Top Pad Leotoes -This design extends further up the foot and includes a gel padding on top of the foot that allows the performer more comfort during floor work & back bends. Kids Leotoes - Coming Soon! Plus, extra feature helps kids get double use out of them.
Split toe Leotoes - Split toe design tabi socks can be worn around the house, with sandals or shoes, or while rehearsing. Keep your feet warm while rehearsing and keep the free manipulation of your toe for better precision.

What's the Story
"I created Leotoes with my friend Robert Abell, out of a need for something more eye catching on my feet. As a dancer I usually perform barefoot unless I'm uncertain of the stage and then I wear some sort of dance shoe/pad. I was tired of the boring dance shoes choices and began a search for something more design oriented but found nothing very clever. So I decided to make my own. I discovered a world of possibilities. I could make them match my costume, could use shiny fabrics, and could add laces to create different looks. I spent a month in my sewing room and then Ta Da!.... I had my shiny shoes."

About the Owner
Abby David has been involved with dance since she was old enough to pay for classes on her own. She tried every class she could get her hands on including ballet, point, modern, irish step, jazz, and tap before falling in love with bellydancing. "In the other forms of dance I tried, there were alot of spins and leaps that didn't come naturally to me, says Abby. I was very good at the isolations in bellydance and thru those successes, I was able to gain confidence to help me tackle my weaknesses in the other dance forms."

"Dancing is what I am all about. Whether it's belly dancing at a local venue or salsa dancing at latin night downtown, I can't get enough. I love to read fantasy fiction, plant/herb reference, and horse racing books. I aspire to learn the violin, to be a green thumb, and known as the lady that lives in the strange house on the hill covered in Wisteria and grapevines."

To read about her vending/dance adventures at


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